Roads Never Seen


I hope you’ve found your freedom
As you run in grasses green
chase birds and butterflies against skies of blue
travel roads you’ve never seen

I hope you’ve found your family
Across the bridge between here and there
And that your bones no longer creak and hurt
Where there’s peace, nothing to fear

I hope you know your worth
to the hearts you left behind
and that goodbye is just a word that’s used
when there are no words left to find

and I know one day I’ll find you
As you wait in meadows green
When I leave this earth and join you
And we travel roads I’ve never seen.




MAX 1993-2019

Written by Corrina Leblond

March 20, 2019




Daily Affirmation

I continue to provide love and a safe place for my children, family and friends. 


I am stronger and wiser than I was this time last year, I will continue to gain insight for my spiritual journey.


I have created and manifested happiness and joy in my life.  


I AM enough!



Love This !

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Voices stir inside her mind

as daunting tasks soon drop behind

contempt and rage beneath false smiles

while contemplating her doom exile


As shown upon a twisted face

the hate surreal and such disgrace

who should deserve such illness fate

as shadows creep and irritate


Which lessons will you teach today

Destiny Karma soon at play

as sunlight hides behind clouds of gray

come seek me out I’m not afraid


Your pleasure in provoking pain

will backfire on you , you shall not gain

Not one ounce of your misery

will set me back or injure me


For karma works outside your world

as spirituality fate cannot be seen

and if in this life your debt may pass

 eventually karma will surely

kick your ass.


Written by Corrina Leblond

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Love This!

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