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Voices stir inside her mind

as daunting tasks soon drop behind

contempt and rage beneath false smiles

while contemplating her doom exile


As shown upon a twisted face

the hate surreal and such disgrace

who should deserve such illness fate

as shadows creep and irritate


Which lessons will you teach today

Destiny Karma soon at play

as sunlight hides behind clouds of gray

come seek me out I’m not afraid


Your pleasure in provoking pain

will backfire on you , you shall not gain

Not one ounce of your misery

will set me back or injure me


For karma works outside your world

as spirituality fate cannot be seen

and if in this life your debt may pass

 eventually karma will surely

kick your ass.


Written by Corrina Leblond

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Love This!

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I looked into the eyes of my future would be betrayers, meeting each person at different intersections of our intertwined journeys. I allowed space for friendship to bloom and newness and exploration in my heart. One by one I attached them to my very soul without promise or whispers of the loyalty I had been hoping for.

I studied their irises for devotion, friendship and love. Each one of them had unique round, curious eyes with a hint of innocence mixed with mischievousness. I was drawn in unsuspecting of any darkness in their hearts. I could not tell where their loyalty might lay or if they had any of the qualities that would point in the direction of a long term kinship. I believe some of us may have met before and perhaps those we connect with from a past life as the unforeseen karmic energies draw us together again unknowingly as we find each other’s untethered souls.

So with one foot arched I stepped. I stepped off that cliff hoping to fly as I tried on these new wings of support and blossoming friendship.

I had trusted myself to believe that I knew myself well enough to know when someone would be good or bad fit for my life and my space. And while I was aware of many red flags the universe send forward, I ignored my instincts once again trudging towards risk and joy.  As always I just racked these nudges up to overthinking, paranoia and too much judgement on my end. In the past I had taken too many risks with my trust and albeit I should’ve learned my lesson, I now see I too still have many lessons to learn. But what’s a leap of faith if you don’t leap after all? I was again risking it all; my vulnerability, my openness, my home, my friendship, my family and ultimately my soft, squishy heart.

Yes I knew I could accept them and their quirkiness, as I myself have many cracks in my not so perfect shell having spent too many days gluing together the pieces  that have cracked and wilted off over time damaged from the many years of rain and cloudiness which at times showered over my life. I too had many quirks which not everyone could or would understand, as well as a long list of imperfections from my first mistake till now. The list of mistakes long and curled into a scroll of life lessons with space for more learning and reflection built into the end. I heard myself say, well who is perfect after all, no one right? This game of life plays out in such a way that perfection never comes close to not even one of us. After all it’s all just something to strive towards isn’t it?

I also believe it’s always better to have that mixed basket of personalities and energies around me so I can bounce ideas off rather than too much like mindedness never throwing too much caution to the wind. In the name of new friendships and taking chances I think this is a must as I forged ahead into uncharted waters without my proverbial life jacket. We are all worthy of trust and friendship after all.

Yet again I did not see the betrayal which lay in wait.

By now, a few months into the deep, I could sense the toxicity around me when spending time with these people I encouraged in. Still like the flowers in my garden I tugged and pulled out a few weeds around them, added water for growth, hugs for security and warm smiles of unknowing and sunshine in hopes new buds of loyalty might bloom.

Yet amidst the thunderstorm on the horizon or like fog rolling in, the air around me soon became filled thick with gossip, negative comments, darting eyes and far too many private jokes that I was not allowed in on as the thunder clapped and the lighting separated only threads of light in the dark sky in my mist.

For weeks leading up to the moment before I finally crumbled,  I felt questioning heaviness and imminent destruction, I still was not sure if I could bear the weight of their judgements and conspiracy yet I moved on as I am not one to give up .

Yet that day, the day I called them on their storming weather, I was strong as the rain fell softly against my face. With their backs turned and umbrellas poised, unforgiving and guiltless, they hoovered out of arms reach while sheltering themselves from my thunder and pain. It was on that day that I quickly scratched a line in the sand that soon hardened to cement  sealing the divide that would ultimately change my path and eject me from those who loved to hate and the negative energy that was swallowing me whole.

Past due , this manifestation of my awareness and uncovering of truths took much too long in the making as I now watched it all tumbling down around me at my own will, as painful as it was.
I know that my spirit somehow decided to manifest this knowing as surface pain before the wheels of ill fate took me to places I could not recover or return from. I knew I was already too late to prevent these weeds from further growth as I continued to water and nurture them with love and sunshine, never wanting to give up.

Watching in horror these vines bloomed into full on contempt and only then did I know weeds such as these thrived on destroying anything which dared bloom in their presence. The seed of betrayal that fell from the vine which grew in my presence was nothing more than a toxic vine which took root into the earth beneath my feet. Yet I had seen no harm at the time, nor even imagined anything in my garden could bloom into anything but love and beauty, as even a weed is still thing of beauty for some.

Knowing the betrayal had begun much before the actual last straw broke as one might say, the pain was still real, heavy and lasting for too many days. In hindsight I’m sure the betrayal may serve me a greater purpose even if I can’t see it right now, lessons right?

I’ve heard so many times how women can be women’s worst enemy, the sting real and though it may not happen every time, it certainly has happened in my lifetime too many times.

I may argue that point again once again one day however that day is not today as the thorns of nurtured weeds have pierced blood from my fingertips all the while their leaves took root in the soil of my life. This was as hard lesson for me, a lesson I wish I did not have to learn.

Written by : Corrina Leblond

Life Uncertainties

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 I shrugged only slightly as I witnessed my former self slide off

detaching from my very soul

shedding layers off the who I thought I could or should be.

The who I sought to be quickly became different in this new awakening of my soul.


Watching in slight amusement I did not struggle to redo

In some ways I denounced my old self

along with former perceived righteousness

throwing caution into a breeze that quickly blew my old self back at me


  I choked back the life I barely recognized

and the her that I thought and fought so hard to be.

Born into the wrong as an unwanted

scarring my soul with the tears and


heartache cast from her genetics

that yearned for love as I formed

in sadness and disbelief

soon only to be met with scorn as I arrived.


The young years that followed

we trudged through poverty, horror and abuse

as we begged to be set free from the agony our life evolved.


but justice was as slow

as was the cold molasses

my grandmother poured

onto our near empty plates.


Love what is this lie

a falsehood that sells cartoons and Disney

leaving first only wonder then dismay

as loves endurance often failing in the shadows of temptation and reality.

Yet we reach, we hunger and we hope.


When the damaged soul seeks

it just means there remains an unquenched emptiness

that echos a deep ringing inside your head

that just grows louder and louder

Until it screams…more…


Uncertainty, guilt and want

sitting shotgun as I travel this road of life

never knowing where my next turn leads.

Written by Corrina Leblond , Dec 03 2017




Joy to the World

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Winter’s glory dampened with curses of slippery streets

Santa vs Jesus; pushing to spend & buy

Gobbling up those delicious Christmas treats

who should we to turn to for wishes of hope and joy?


Good tidings & reflection of the year gone past

The world around us scurries from war torn streets

They’ve nowhere to hide, nor can they run fast

Will Santa help those who do not have a tree?


My feet warmed by the heat of my furnace oil

Cold shivers not from frost but from images of loss

As my heart trembles at the world’s turmoil

Which cannot be fixed by our Santa Claus?


The season is such that love gives us hope

 Though our world not perfect, we as people we cope

with all he madness and the joy this season does bring

Our hoped wrapped in colorful packages as

 Joy to the World we sing.

Written by Corrina Leblond Dec 21, 2016

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Daily Affirmation

I feel amazing, uplifted and purposeful. 

Love This~


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