Joy to the World

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Winter’s glory dampened with curses of slippery streets

Santa vs Jesus; pushing to spend & buy

Gobbling up those delicious Christmas treats

who should we to turn to for wishes of hope and joy?


Good tidings & reflection of the year gone past

The world around us scurries from war torn streets

They’ve nowhere to hide, nor can they run fast

Will Santa help those who do not have a tree?


My feet warmed by the heat of my furnace oil

Cold shivers not from frost but from images of loss

As my heart trembles at the world’s turmoil

Which cannot be fixed by our Santa Claus?


The season is such that love gives us hope

 Though our world not perfect, we as people we cope

with all he madness and the joy this season does bring

Our hoped wrapped in colorful packages as

 Joy to the World we sing.

Written by Corrina Leblond Dec 21, 2016

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Daily Affirmation

I feel amazing, uplifted and purposeful. 

Love This~


Daily Affirmation

I am strength, I am worthwhile , I create my own power & my own happiness.

Love This!

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Daily Affirmations

I imagine it, it will come;  I dream it only when I can imagine it; when it all unfolds, it will be as I imagine and as I have dreamed. 

Autumn Fun

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Glowing wet leaves glisten

in the light of the full bright moon

Darkness falling purposeful

unforgiving and too soon


Wind softly whistles

through windowpanes and cracks

warning of the colder nights

when unsympathetic winter will attack


Memorized by natures colors

squirrels begging for one bite

nuts stored beneath once warm soft soil

stored safe for the winter fight


Bundling up for evening walks

gloves, mitts and hat

cozy and warm beneath my cloths

I welcome the season back


Mesmerized by natures beauty

your time to shine has come

I ask that you please be kind

as I enjoy this autumn fun


Written by : Corrina Leblond

Image by :  Beautiful Nature Fall – wallpaper

Daily Affirmations

I am taking time for myself and value my own space

Love This!

exercise motivational fitness quotes sayings

Love This!

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