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And so a blog was born!


Dark Rain

dark rain pic

Lashing out at me in rage anger
Speaking ill of my name and my strife
Forgetting all good and the love I have offered
Your perception is yours, not truth of my life

Why such dark anger and aversion do you offer
Lurking round corners my soul tainted thrashed with this hate
Poisoning those who had not met me with your lies no regret
This reflection you cast in your dark rain is not my fate as you berate

Just leave me alone in your cowardly scorn
I’ll do my best to forgive this negatively you rain
Your words and your hatred just the inner sadness of your soul
Such sadness I see, this pain that you hold
Your reflection of you and nothing more than your pain
This is but you your dark rain , not me nor my name

This picture you’ve painted lines smeared you lash out
Never speaking to me these claims you cast out
such foul words that you’ve said
too much anger resentment built up in your head
Exploding the surroundings of those that dare enter your dark dread
So leave my name not on your lips
For I have a lot of good that you do not express
And this world that you live in, it’s only your world don’t you see?
Your anger is not mine to own it’s yours, so just let me be

Written by Corrina Leblond

Hello world


Well I’ve been thinking about having my own blog for quite sometime now,   not sure what I wish to see at this point or where I am going to go, but I would like to be able to be who I am , no holes barred..and see where we go from there. I like to write , I like to rhyme, and mostly I like to ramble, so lets give it a try and see where it goes..

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