Set Your Heart Free

Should you wonder anything about me

You will find I have a history

One unlike yours, but that’s okay

You and I are not the same

Yet we may be alike, in some subtle way

Should you speak to me

You may become intrigued, or maybe not

Maybe find yourself wondering

What does she think she’s got, that’s okay

You and I are not the same

Perhaps one day , we will speak again

Should you decide to judge me

You may feel righteous, even strong

You might say, “I know I’m never wrong”

But what do you really know, its okay

You and I are not the same

To judge these differences may appear a little vain

Should you decide to know me

You may be surprised by what you find

Perhaps new things you may not mind, that’s okay

You and I may be a little the same

This life we have at times feels like a game

Clarity of mind will not help you see

Openness of heart, will set your heart free

Written by: Corrina Leblond


Daily Affirmation

I acknowledge each day will be bring a new life lesson, however subtle it maybe, I will embrace it

Daily Affirmation

I am happy and positive , I will take as much joy as I can from today

Scent Sensitive- Are you scent sensible?

Talking scents
I remember once when I was young, late teens, a cousin of mine made a comment about how she just became allergic to perfume. I wondered how that was possible that people “just happened to become allergic”, it seemed so out of the blue to me and I wondered what validity this really had. Attention seeking was my first emotional response, however I was young and knew very little about scent sensitivities, or allergies in general , as I had none.

I really didn’t give it much more thought at that time. I do remember thinking about what a shame it was that the daughter of our local “Avon lady” (my aunt) had “suddenly” become allergic to something that was so accessible in her home.

Now I’m no longer looking through rose colored glasses, rose-colored-glassesthings have taken a new view and have become much clearer to me. The thought of my cousin just becoming allergic seemed all that more plausible now as she was the daughter of an Avon lady, and not vice versa.
In the past year or so, I too have fell victim of scent sensitivities. I now cough, sneeze and run like my hair is on fire with the mere sniff of certain scents, seriously! Even worse I develop immediate migraines that feel like my head will implode if I don’t get fresh air immediately, my brain sometimes screams POISION, as that is exactly how I feel, poisoned.

The questions again began to pick at my brain; what’s happening? How do these sudden allergies just occur, or do they? I now realize the reality is that allergens can just happen. Then again if they are not just happening perhaps they silently build in your system going unnoticed until your brain finally screams ENOUGH! I now see how “not new” this is to our society, opposed to what I had believed prior. Like most people, unless it really affects me (you), we tend to not notice so much.

scent sentivity

I believe a new sense about scents has been a long time coming.

Going back to being a young adult, I could not imagine a life without my favorite scented spray or perfume, nor would I ever allow the sad imagery linger in my mind if I were to imagine my life without scented candles which I loved.

Things have changed in this world around us; and certainly in my world as I began suffer the physical attacks I manage when certain scents blow my way. Sad thing is I never know what my attacker will smell like, each day it seems like a new scent challenges my sensibilities, what’s a girl to do?

Having attended an event recently that had candlelight, it was quickly brought to my attention by someone at my table that the candle on the table must go as they were allergic. I was then educated about the paraffin ingredients in the candles and how they create toxins that make many people sick, even if the candles are not scented!

Wow was my response; I had not known this factoid. Apparently candles that are not natural (like that of a beeswax candle), can actually release carcinogenic chemicals when you light and burn them, yikes!

Scented candle

Not to mention that certain wicks have lead in them (didn’t they ban lead in paint and so much more?) This can’t be good! You know you have seen it, that black smoke as you snuff out a candle.

Okay so gone are my dreams of inexpensive candles as I happily wave bye-bye to dollar store candles, my health is worth more than a buck or two. The gentleman that forwarded this information happens to work at the University of Toronto; he is integral in a movement to make the U of T scent free, sounds like we should all be doing this, please oh please.
I know it’s a hard one to swallow (or should I say sniff), that a scent free world would actually be a safer place, but it’s true and the facts are backing it up. I know, as with all things, one person at a time can make a difference. I am now on this boat of understanding, hop on!
Even if I have to consider the possible downside, body odor of others increasing as scents decrease, luckily I don’t think there is a known allergen to another person’s body odor at this time. Either way , not to worry, there are many natural products and scent free items that can assist in hygiene, your sniffers will be so much safer without those scented products, in many ways.
I know the massive influx of scents such as colognes, cleaning products, emissions gasses to name a few, are all contributing to this not so sudden Influx of allergies and scent sensitivities. All I ask is, let’s all be a little more sensible about the scents we add to our skins, the air around us and especially in our homes. Recognize a scent free society will one day be the norm, it has to be.scents_circle_xsm

Daily Affirmation

I accept others and choose who it is I allow into my world.

Daily Affirmation

I will seek out why’s when I do not understand so that I may understand what’s not shallow.

Daily Affirmation

I will be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation while enjoying the day I have been given today

Daily Affirmation!

Today I give understanding to the differences each of us have to  carry in our own personal realities

Daily Affirmation

I will increase my worth by believing in myself and in the bigger picture , the small pebbles along the way are there to assist me with my awareness not to discourage my travels.

Daily Affirmation

I will increase my worth by believing in myself and in the bigger picture , the small pebbles along the way are there to assist me with my awareness not to discourage my travels.

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