Daily Affirmation

Sometimes courage is not in the knowing, it’s in the trying.


Daily Affirmation

All is well, all is perfect today

“Deepak Chopra grounding phrase”

Today I Remembered You



I thought I saw you today
Rugged good looks
Same black jacket as you always carried yourself in so well
Even those same short worn cowboy boots that made you look so in style

I stretched my neck as far as I could see
For just one more glimpse
I watched as your face light up with a smile , that too was familiar
Same face, same eyes , same smile

I couldn’t hear what you were saying
But I know I could not take my eyes off you,
although I knew there was a risk someone would see me staring
I wondered if they would also see the longing in my eyes

I felt excited with the familiarity that accompanied this moment
Nothing more than this moment of remembrance and hope
wishful thinking and maybe even spirituality

Your skin dark
the same as it always was
with just a little too much of the summers sun
sun kissed just a few hours too long

Youth had not left you so long ago
The twinkle in your eyes exact
As your lips spoke more words I could not hear
I longed to get closer
I didn’t want to leave but I knew I could not stay

I watched a few more minutes as your body leaned forward

to whisper in your wife’s ear,
maybe it was your wife
That was not clear to me, I’m guessing

Everything about you screamed ”its him”
You were of the same age as me now
Inside my heart I knew there was no way
But I could just not stop looking, wishing

Maybe I just needed that moment with you
a long time has passed since I last saw your face
27 years now Dad …a lifetime ago
Time surely has a way of getting away from us

In no time I’m sure I will see you again
Not too soon I hope
Somehow I feel heaven touched me today
I remembered you and with this memory

I also remembered the love
and excitement I felt when I seen your face

No matter how much time a child has with a parent

they always love their parent

And if this lifetime does not satisfy that need .. the need lives on

Today I remembered you
And as that love was cut short in this life
I look forward to loving you longer in the next

Written by Corrina Leblond Sept. 27/2013

Happy Birthday Dad, thinking about you again today!

Daily Affirmation

I am happy and I am loved, what more could anyone need!!

Grassy Hills

dark blue skies

Tumbling down a grassy hill

Jagged stones locked in her hair

I wish I wish I wish I could

Just tumble out of here

Grass stained knees the smell of summer

Carefree days that never end

Visions of dark blue skies reflect in her eyes

As she ran back up the hill again

Something about the rolling felt like freedom

Something about the dirt just smelled so clean

She wished one day things could be different

But the future could not be seen

Laying on the earth she felt connected

As close to God as one could be

One more tumble down the grassy hill

As the hands of nature set her free


Written by Corrina Leblond

Daily Affirmation

Today I will focus my intention on personal productivity.

Love Resides


Love Resides


With every dark day

With every droplet of rain

Love cleanses, love resides


For each hurt and each sadness

Every ounce of pain

Love replenishes, love does not deny


With every joy and every challenge

Even those we take in vain

Love rejoices love embraces, love does not subside


For every time you feel lost and shamed

Given up on life or rewarded with pain

Love will always be ready to lead the way


Love has no end

Love is your friend

even when you feel lost in the cold

Love never ends


Written by Corrina Leblond


Daily Affirmation

When I smile, the whole world smiles with me 🙂

It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man! Or is it?

Well maybe you really don’t get it yet (the reference that is) but soon it will be clear to you. How do I count the ways whilst I missed thee in those 37 hours of grief without you? Watching you lay in a mere bag of parboiled rice with no life signs after your near drowning , it was just devastating! “insert Sniff” 😦

“It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man!

No, its my iPhone…sad , yes very sad, but oh so true!

Had I been told me a few years ago I would be this attached to a mobile device, I might have called you crazy. I suppose my story really started just two short years ago. I had a friend who was in need of someone to take over a cell phone contract. This is when I suspect the initial seed of mobile device “addiction”was planted . From there my addiction slowly began growing and sneaking up on me before I even knew what happened,

Until that day though , I had managed to live 40+years of my life without this strange connection to this need for mobile devices .Yes I was witness to countless others having this, what can only be described as “dependency.

In part I held off yes for my own reasons ; such as the annoyance of never having a conversation with someone who wasn’t checking their phone every few minutes , this was not a person I wished to mirror.
I held the position that not only did I not want a cell phone I also didn’t need it nor could be bothered to pay for a plan or have that unnecessary bill added to my list of wants, not needs.
Perhaps you may think I am totally a tech dinosaur , well not completely.  I did buy a “pay as you go” mobile phone once or twice for emergencies over the years, however I never really used it very much.
So here I was two years ago with my first contract and a new mobile phone. This phone now included a data plan plus other cool features (or so I thought were cool features). Still this phone was not a biggie for me. I admit I did get accustomed to using it daily and taking it with me on outings, but when I was in for the evening, day or weekend, it often lay tossed somewhere , uncharged, lifeless and dead…you know what I mean, there was no love, or love lost.
This phone was not where the love came in..that came later.
My phone did serve a purpose of course; maybe even held a higher regard then the “pay as you go” mobile that barely had a dime on it for a call.
Yes the roots were beginning to show of attachment.
Fast forward two years later my mobile started to show early signs of this throw away society and naturally began to decline in health. I knew it would be soon time to either give up this device I became accustomed to using or upgrade to a new device. Naturally by now I questioned whether I could live without a mobile and what that would look like; well we can guess what happened from there.
It didn’t take too much self talk to say..”go for it,,get that iPhone, its no big deal, everyone has one, and so I did it, I upgraded!
Now I’m certainly not promoting any one device over another by any means. I basically got the cheapest upgrade that was made available; which happened to be the iPhone 4S that day. Until this point of my life I had known very little,  how to call out on this device nor any other smartphone was a challenge. I was even a little bit intimidated by it at first; well that was three months ago and things have certainly changed in that aspect.Image
Turns out, I love my phone, and no its is not a hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man, yet it does provide an extension of my life in so many ways and I need it, I need it, I neeeeeed it!!!!!
What has happened to me? I am done like dinner, seeded,  sprouted, addicted, dependent, you name it! My life with iPhone has changed..there is love.
I use this device in so many ways,,here’s just  few.:

Alarm clock
Watch for time
posting in my blog every day
games when I’m bored
reminders for appointments
Meditation downloads
Linked in
oh yeah..phone

And soo very much more..wow in just two months I’m fully in..and all I have to say for myself is…what took me so long !!.  🙂

Yup true sign of addiction. I’ll admit it I like it and now  I cannot look back either!

But then last week something almost changed everything , yes something devastating happened. The funny thing is I had a premonition about just this but as I was half asleep and I did not really consider this accident and near death of my new friend as a serious threat.

My iPhone faithfully woke me by alarm as it does every day, and then like a slow motion scene from a movie I watched in horror as my beloved phone slipped from my hand into a full glass of water by my bedside.  Of course I immediately snatched it out in a second and removed its protective gear( that is unfortunately not waterproof), and immediately began to shake and dab out any water.  I felt the phone spasm and vibrate off and on as if every last electronic breath was being squeezed out of it in my very own hands..I was horrified.

I immediately woke my partner, even though it was 530 am ,  he too knew how precious the life of this iPhone was as he had a scare with his beloved iPhone just a few days earlier (no not water).

As fast as you can imagine my guy dove down the staircase and immediately grabbed the vacuum to suck out whatever water remained to ensure all the water was extracted out. I never would have thought of that one

Obviously he had love too, for the iPhone that is! ) 🙂

 All the while I Googled how to save my phone. Well the one solution that popped up over and over was to make sure the phone is as dry as possible and then place inside a sealed bag of rice..which we did. Image

Who knew if it would work or not,. After 37 hours, with little hope, I gave it another try!

Hallelujah..it worked!!!! 

Now I have answered my own question,.yes it has become important to me,..perhaps not a hand or foot…and sure I may possibly get unamused again one day, but for now, I am still in the honeymoon stage :), so yes, this must be love!

Daily Affirmation

Enjoying fall is the easy part ! I love all seasons, but autumn/ fall is by far my favourite!!

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