MicroSkills ( where I work) Needs your help!!! Please sign our petition for our funding!

Hello Everyone:
Please see attached letter we are sending out regarding news we received this morning about substantial funding cuts for the amazing funded programs MicroSkills uses to support low income marginalized women in our communities.

Not only will this greatly affect our clients; myself and my colleagues will too will be directed immediately impacted.

We are asking that you take some time to sign our petition as well as send a letter in support of our programs here as soon as possible!
“We have just learned that Ontario Women’s Directorate has abruptly decided to cut all funding to MicroSkills Information and Technology (ITTW) and Skills Trade (WIST) . >This decision, conveyed to us at the 11th hour, on Friday March 28th, has grave implications for the women who rely on our programs and jeopardizes the many women who are still currently in programs who require job search and placement assistance.
We are asking our corporate and community partners, clients, graduates, friends and family to send a letter to Hon. Teresa Piruzza, Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues requesting that she reconsider this decision.
If you would like to join this campaign, feel free to do so by sending the attached letter to the emails listed below. Please send this correspondence from your personal email (not MicroSkills email) by Wednesday, April 2nd at 11am. You may also share this campaign with your personal and professional networks. “
Send letter to:
Ministry: 416-212-7432
Constituency: 519-977-7191Fax
Ministry: 416-212-7431
Constituency: 519-977-7029

c.c. to:
Ministry: 416-325-6200
Constituency: 416-494-6856Fax
Ministry: 416-325-6195
Constituency: 416-494-9937

Ministry: 416-325-1941
Constituency: 416-425-6777Fax
Ministry: 416-325-9895
Constituency: 416-425-0350
All the best Corrina Leblond


You’re Asking the Wrong Question

This is an important read! Props to the writer !

Red's Wrap

Jan - Purple 2

I’m sorry. Let me say this in the kindest possible way. Asking me what I will do to stay ‘young at heart’ as I get older is ageist.

Why would anyone assume that it is better to be young at heart than old at heart unless being old at heart implied a lot of unpleasant, undesirable things. Of course, that wasn’t the intention. Assuming that young is better is a deep cultural belief, one that is, unfortunately, absorbed by many people as they age, making them mourn their younger selves rather than enjoying the age they are.

I was already young at heart when I was young. Then I was middle-aged at heart and now, I think, I’m probably old at heart. And I’m here to tell you, all of you 40-somethings filled with dread about the future, it’s more interesting over here on the other side than you might…

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Daily Affirmation

I embrace and recognize all the pieces of me that need some extra TLC and care

Daily Affirmation

I am fabulous, magnificent and loving myself unconditionally all day long today.

Daily Affirmation

This day a gift, I shall cherish my health, sanity and innate ability to stay focused 


I, I love you like a love letter baby

A  few months ago I was intrigued by an article that was titled  “Write yourself a Love letter”. Certainly you might imagine my first thoughts of this article as positive, well they were not. What I found instead was that my brain muttered out two simple words … say what!  Along with these simple words,  I could also sense a shadow of  negativity within me.

Looking back now I may have even been a little judgemental as I thought to myself that this idea sounds like nothing more than an article written to amuse those who may already have a an over inflated ego;  creating a tool to further enhance additional self serving testimonials of lies and gibberish attached to meaningless self worth!

Okay I know , maybe I’m a bit too harsh hun?  Upon reflection I seem to have channelled a bias that most definitely needs some work.

I guess we all know a narcissist or two, maybe lll leave that rant for another article.

Back to the love letter….I challenged my assumption by deciding to judge the article in its entirety, I read on.

A few more short sentences into the article something new began to happen,  I  began to feel  the  size of my biased  judgemental heart growing, tingling and growing some more . I even began to imagine that my heart grew three times its normal size!!

. ( wink wink……remind you of anyone?)

As I hungrily devoured word after word of each personal love story in the article,  I knew that not only do I deserve to know this information I too deserved to write myself a love letter. I even secretly hoped that when I eventually did find the courage to write my own letter, that somehow just doing so might change my life in some subtle way.

I’m guessing we all can have those nagging negative messages that we unknowingly stowed over the years just so we can pop those suckers out for those much needed self loathing days. Many of us have those days when we begin pull forward every last hateful thought we had about ourselves from that sealed jar, and then choose to believe them, even for a moment.

Why is that you ask?? Well its just because we can and also because we have seen the generations before us that teach us the same rule of thumb; repress , repress, repress!

Most of us have these days every now and again. We find this need to match up false unjustified assumptions with our own inner negative dialogue;  like when an unwarranted comment/ugly remark gets hurled at us in a moment of heat from those we call (friends , relatives and/or co-workers)failing to duck as these hurts smack us in the kisser…or heart.  Ill admit no matter how good I feel about myself in those moments, all I have to do is look inside to find that one stored negative comment that mirrors this infliction and poof..Im there, judging myself.  Sometimes it takes just one negative word to re-enforce that low mood and then a day or two to shake it off.. pffttttt!

My hope is that by writing this love letter that I can create a pool / jar of loving thoughts to battle these rainy day moments with  so I can create my own sustainable sunshine from a light inside, why does the darkness have to have such power anyway..

So here I go;

MARCH 27, 2014

My darling Corrina,

When I look back at all the years we have shared together, I can see how much you have developed both spiritually and emotionally. You have grown in countless ways as your strong spirit never seems to just give up on anything. I remember how mom always said ” well she doesn’t always get it done fast, but she always gets it done”!   Mom was right ya know, and she is still right on the money!

The young naive lady you were when you left home was a young girl filled with adventure , hopes and a  promise of new beginnings. Hard work never scared you as hard was all you ever knew. Determined and courageous you set your sail for independence and you sailed away, barely looking back at the tear stained faces of those you left behind. That was hard dear girl, but you knew that this was your only choice as you needed to release your wings and fly free.

It was not always easy in the beginning, lessons were learned the hard way, but you never gave up. Its true things were not all roses and butterflies, yet there were some green fields where you could always rest your head and look to the blue skies knowing  God smiled down on you.

The hint of that brightness kept you hungry for more. I could always see this in you, your search for self improvements never ceased, your search for love also challenging as you had little reference point of what a healthy loving relationship looked like. I still admired you though, you could have given up so many times and ran back to the place where unhappiness laid in wait, but you didn’t, you moved ahead.  One day at a time never ever asking for so much as a dime or a hand out, giving all you had and more, even when the silence and loneliness around you haunted you at times.

Now looking back I cant believe how many years have passed, so many changes, so much growth. You have never ever let me down, always my rock and my constant .

You have done just great despite the barriers life have challenged you with, you amaze me! Watching how deeply you are connected with your children proves just what power you have to love and teach. Your connection to nature is inspiring, I have never met anyone like you before.

If they only knew you as well as I do…..the world would be in awe!  You are incredible and I love you!! Thank you for always being their for me and learning from the mistakes you made along the way. I could not be prouder of you than I am right now.

hugz and more hugz, you are my role model and my best friend.

loving you always 

me xoxoxoxoxo

And there it is…..gotta admit that made me feel pretty darn awesome! 🙂

Daily Affirmation

I am healthy and safe. I give permission to my physical being to heal and nurture itself so that I may be comfortable and at ease all day.

Daily Affirmation

The sun is high today and my hopes stretch towards all that inspires



The town crier announced
Please come one , please come all
A festival of voice
a small gathering in town

Tis not for the judgemental
Hang that hat at the door
Today we unleash
All our passions with a roar

With the wind as our breath
We tapped the doors to our souls
Patient and timid
The first sound was soon born

Our spirits soon free
Gently dancing they flowed
All egos abandoned
Nudged , persuaded to go

I felt fear yet still giddy
What place do I stand
Arms swaying, people laying
Our voices the band

A new space I had entered
All were measured the same
Our bodies but vessels
Carrying our spirits this day

Nature shyly peeped through
Vibratory energy was abound
In collective conscience we soared
Invisible feet left the ground

Harmony welcomed healing
Each soul soon renewed
Namaste and good tidings
As our souls bid ado

Written by : Corrina Leblond



Daily Affirmation

I am facing adversity unarmed with no shield , as I welcome and respond with confidence, love and kindness

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