Daily Affirmation

My inner strength radiates and empowers


Daily Affirmation

I have solutions instead of challenges.

Daily Affirmation

I am youthful and healthy enjoying every spring in my step

Nature’s Redemption


Her long yellow hair fallen ragged through winter

tucked under snowy mounds imprisoned till spring 

with warm winds caressing gently lifting

begging crocuses and shy buds to bloom and sing


Heart heavy as winters wrath recent

I wondered why nature had unleashed so much scorn

too much beauty all mangled in just hours

lastly damage leaving me empty forlorn


Over small mountains I forged on defeated

this place grim faced, fruitless at best

sorrow filled my heart as I stood witness

natures wrath from a state of unrest


Of the corner my eye I stared speechless

deer rushing through brush so close by

I quickly smile as I see first witness

natures redemption

as spring breathes hello with a sigh


Written by :Corrina Leblond














Daily Affirmation

I invite the warmth of today’s sun to follow me and brighten the dullest corners of my cubicle 🙂

Daily Inspiration

I am inspired and motivated as I allow the music to feed and nourish my spirit

Daily Affirmation

My strength comes from who I have built on, I have the strength and courage of an army .

Daily Affirmation

I have increased my energy by becoming more active

Daily Affirmation

I am open to learn and visualize each new challenge as an opportunity instead of an obstacle

Daily Affirmations

I am grateful for each breath I take that does not give burden, and for every darkened sky that promises rain to replenish and cleanse my internal earth.

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