Daily Affirmation

A rested mind and body is a refreshed spirit.


Daily Affirmation

I have rested and renewed my energy, I am aware and present in my day

Daily Affirmation

Connecting and grounding provide me with earth energy and balance all day

Daily Affirmation

The sky is grey and the clouds are low, I am grateful that behind every cloudy rainy day I know the sun is still shining

Radiant Moon


Moon so bright
softly glowing behind a fine silk veil
Spiderweb hazy white
yet your essence never pale
As stars dance in your moon beam light

Blanketed on an ocean blue
Above the earth your guiding glow
Sometimes hidden in a darkness hue
Your shadow cast on the earth below
As I spend my nights dreaming with you

What wishes will you grant this night
With your face aglow I see your smile
I close my eyes I squeeze them tight
I wish I may I wish might

Pray the world pure love from your radiant light
If only just this night

Written by : Corrina Leblond

Daily Affirmation

Giving the best I can do is all I can do

Daily Affirmation

I am satisfied and aware that my behaviour is a reflection of me and others a reflection of themselves .

Daily Affirmation

I am creating myself to be a motivating , inspiring spirit with intent and purpose every day

Daily Affirmation

Connecting myself to Mother Earth keeps me balanced and healthy

Daily Affirmation

My body has an amazing ability to heal and indulge in healthy thoughts and behaviour

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