Daily Affirmation

Connecting with the earth provides me balance and reminds me I am never alone as the earth itself is vibrating alive with energy and wisdom


Daily Affirmation

My week will be overflowing with abundance, abundance of love, abundance of health and abundance of security.

I Would Forever Wait

sunset revised

If I could be but a breath;

Anticipating each sweet rhythm; watching the rise of my chest

Collapsing in sweet song, sending out just my best

Id breathe out I Love you, and forget all the rest


If I could be but a breeze;

Id whisper my love in a rustle of leaves, anticipating as they awake

New fall colors scattering my love neither here nor there, Id debate

If this breeze was what could describe my heart, as it ached


If I could be but a gust,

Id blast my strong gale, erupting in a clatter and loud clangs

I would howl out your name as the gust accompanied hard rain

Tears streaming down by thousands, rattling cold window panes


If I could be but a draft;

Id slip under doorways, slide in next to you as you forever sleep

Rest myself within white satins, under boards as they creak

Be that shiver that reminds you, you are never alone despite what you think


 If I could only be with you;

As a warm wind I’d soar to heaven’s gate

I’d stay there

I would forever wait.


Written by: Corrina Leblond

Daily Affirmation

Believing in yourself and pushing yourself to do what is not always comfortable , leads to comfort and discovery that you are one step closer to not feeling that level of discomfort again

Love this !


Daily Affirmation

 I trust my inner light and intuition to guide me in towards my best options

Daily Affirmation

I am becoming more aware of my gifts each day as I work towards my greater purpose here in this world

Daily Affirmation

Setting goals is a great way to project your wishes , but being present and in the now is all we really have .

Daily Affirmation

I cherish and respect the unconditional love of the animals that have touched my life

Daily Affirmation

I am in control of the way I respond to the circumstances of my life

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