Daily Affirmation

Only when you believe in yourself, will miracles happen! I believe in myself.


Daily Affirmation

I am patient and kind, my feelings are valid and only I need to validate who I am, as I know best

Daily affirmation

It’s not the quantity of friends that you have is the quality of the friendship that matters

Daily Affirmation

I am healthy and well rested looking forward to staying positive throughout my day

Daily Affirmation

I believe that fairness and goodness lay within each day and opportunity for spirits to see harmony likely and possible



Most days you would find me floating on a daydream, but not this day!

I carefully cut each straw “this must be what it feels like to be the coolest kid on the block”.

I stopped for a minute to think about how I ached for long shimmery tassels for my handle bars; much like I pained for long hair so I could flick it from side to side. I comforted myself “those tassels were really no big deal, soon I would have a bike and THAT was a big deal“.

If we cut it , it will grow in thicker“. My mom’s words always whispered silently beneath my fingers as I reached up and patted my short bowl cut hairstyle, “when I grow up, I’ll never cut it again“!

It was a beautiful fall day, in a distance Dickey’s rusted pick up truck rumbled loud as it neared, thoughts of my wheels decorated with colorful straws clicking round and round in a swirl of colours began my heart racing.

I had never owned a bike, I was 9 years old this would be my first one. Truth is, it was one of my cousins hand me down banana bike with no brakes, but I didn’t care, it was new to me.

Mom yelled out the window “Now you better be careful young lady!”
The clank of dishes echoed in the back ground.

Within minutes I grasped the handle bars and with a run an’ hop I sped away without even looking back, “Mothers”!

I was a tomboy in those days; I didn’t care that the bike had no brakes; I had feet, feet were all I needed to stop.

Windswept leaves danced about my heels as I rode on the sunken, cracked road in front of my house, cool autumn wind whipped thin strands of my hair in and out of my eyes as I tried to keep my bike balanced.

Behind my every effort to practice stopping, a large dust cloud trailed.

My first ride was to my grandmothers. I carefully pressed my feet to the ground, the bottom of my feet burning, bouncing from the gravel. I imagined igniting the tall grass with a blast of fire from my shoes,  yes feet worked!

The sun low, perched slightly above the cliff’s edge hinted I had better get home fast; or there would be hell to pay.

I rode fast and hard and as I walked (always in the middle of the road) I now rode my bike the same.

The road back was dirt and gravel , the connecting paved roads not repaired in years. The streets seemed hillier, the early night shadowed my long strides up the small hill.

As I got closer to my house, a car came out of nowhere!

I jerked my handlebars to one side as I felt my tires skid and slide on a small patch of broken road, chunks of asphalt smashed against my ankles.  Last thing I remember I was airborne.

I woke up with my mom gently brushing impacted pebbles from my forehead, a few people stood around us. Laying at the side of the road I felt a familiar warmth of blood trickling into my eyes as I witnessed the look of horror on my mom’s face, the same look I’ve seen before.

Yes I was the tomboy, always breaking something or getting stitched. This time the cut was deep not bad though, first time I ever got taped instead of stitched.

What a day!

I never did see that banana bike again.

Written by : Corrina Leblond

Daily Affirmation

I am healthy and happy, those grey clouds are a reflection of a season change …somewhere else in the world the sky is cloudless

Daily Affirmation

Accepting ones own quiet moments of solitude is the first step in realizing the joy obtained from an individuals state of just being

Daily Affirmation

Today I will be mindful that the attitude of gratitude doesn’t always come without forethought,  reminding myself all day that I have so many things to be thankful for begins with the simple awareness of waking up!

Autumn Rain


Drizzle down drizzle free
Drizzle down and shower me
cool Autumn rain
My spirit free

Fluffy clouds
Cast in black and grey
Entangled in blurred sullen shades
Grasp each other on this autumn day

Wide thick raindrops
Hammering rooftops
Washing clean
This past years dreams

Refreshing with promise
Autumn rain solace.

Written by : Corrina Leblond

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