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Fingering through the Sunday bulletin I almost choked on my coffee as the Ministers voice faded while I read through the upcoming events section of the weekly church handout.

Coming soon, Learn to Meditate with a Buddhist Monk, Mondays 6pm.

Having been raised a strict Irish Catholic I was in shock. More shocking this news was in a Christian church bulletin!

What paralleled my astonishment was deep excitement. The many years of Catholicism burrowed deep under my skin jeering negative thoughts such as; Am I not at church? Who approved this?My grandmother’s voice also echoed in the  furthest corner of my mind as I imagined her rolling in her grave. The rules I grew up with were simple; “stay away from them dirty Protestants up the road, do not worship false Gods.”

With my amazement and shock behind me I was excited to read about the upcoming meditation classes. I always longed for more understanding and connection with what I tend to define as my own unique spirituality. I’ve never considered myself religious, too many rules.

Buddhism was not new to me. Just seeing it printed on a Christian church’s bulletin was.

I once attended a full day meditation in the park with a renowned Buddhist monk. Aside from my butt going numb from sitting all day I did find some useful techniques that allowed me to incorporate more variety in my attempt to establish a daily meditative practice.

My next thought shouted defiantly inside my head “I’m going!”

The church looked different at night. The dark window panes mirrored recent images of the lively Sunday afternoon worship. I imagined each seat releasing a puff of an embedded music note as each person sat down.

Walking closer to the front of the church I was startled by a very happy monk who bopped out of nowhere and gave me an uncomfortable full body hug. She pressed her almost fully shaven head hard against my bosom, ugh!

Everyone’s attention turned to the back of the room as I attempted to shake off the shock I felt from the unwelcome squeeze.

A much older gentleman shuffled lazily towards the front of the church where a hard wood chair awaited. Without making eye contact, he floated past everyone silently. He sat down and gazed sleepily at the rows of eager meditation students just a few feet in front of him.

Even though his words did not come immediately, I imagined when words did come they would be as slow and as purposeful as his walk to his uncomfortable seat was.

Words softly rippled from his lips as he broke the silence and talked about mindfulness and keeping our thoughts hushed opposed to singing out what so ever was on our mind, like his favourite song “Row Your Boat”.

“Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily, merrily life is but a dream”.

His words hummed with rhythm as he told his story pausing in between each sentence for the added drama.

Row your boat, your boat, no one else’s.

How to do it? Well do it gently and with ease, doing your best to stay happy and merry, not thrashing about.

For what we all know to be true is; life really is “but a dream”.

I did not immediately absorb his words about this childhood song, I smiled inside at his eccentric manner and delivery.

I got home and found myself asking questions to my family as I usually did. Did you do this? Have you called so and so? Do you know when you will? Then it hit me!

OMG! I’m rowing their boats!!

I considered how less stressful my life could be if I just rowed my own boat .

Those three simple words would be sketched into my every day thereafter. Who could have though a simple story could change my way of thinking about this life, it did.

I now only do my very best to row my own boat.

Well mostly.

Written by: Corrina Leblond



Daily Affirmation

I am happy, positive energy is flowing from me connecting me to like energies

Daily Affirmation

I am gifted with abundance and wealth. I am financially secure.

Love This !


Daily Affirmation

I am strong and I believe I am strong. I have purpose and I am resilient, I will accomplish everything I set my mind to do.

Daily Affirmation

The air I breath is pure and clean, I am healthy as I breath in and fill my lungs with health.

Daily Affirmation

I am resting and relaxed allowing all thoughts to have a positive intention

Daily Affirmation

Everything I need comes to me freely and easily

Blessings from Mother Nature

mother nature 

When my head had failed to sooth my heart

Common sense could not be found

Mother Nature hurled her cape of sustenance

In Her beauty, love tumbled around


When darkness from an impaired heart

Cast a spell my way with a leer

Love whispered “quick surround yourself”

A blanket of green earth appeared


When the thunder of my psyche clapped

Fleets of shame soon downward poured

Lighting strikes shook those within my breadth

No light came til the morn


Young spirits frolicked on my bed of green

Elapsed storm left a morning’s dew

Awakened with the sun’s bright rays of hope

A yellow bird settled on arms length bloom 


Comfort of innocence and beauty enchanted me

In silence I submerge my thoughts in natures play

I whisper to my heart “it will be just fine”

For in Nature’s light and love, I am blessed today.

Written by : Corrina Leblond July 02/2013



Clutching the edges of the mirror I screamed in silence.
I see you, I know you are there! Show yourself.
Grief welled up inside as my swollen heart constricted; expelling ache in
one single tear that sped down my crimson cheek.

Stale cigarette smoke lingered in the hallway, yes
she was here all right! Her soft words murmured and echoed
off the walls as spiders hugged their cozy winter corners.
The air parted slightly and whispered, “I love you, and I’ll always be with you”.

I know she is here, I hear her in my own voice as I whimper
I love you mummy, mummy, mummy, as I always did sing out in her praise.
Remembering how she held back her last tears as did I on that day. Moments
that I curse as it was so unnatural full knowing there would be no more hugs and hellos.

The good bye was loud as it screamed in the absence of the tears that were forced
so very far back . With a lump in my throat I winced out that one last fake smile.
I turned away choking on my dry thick sorrow, trying as best I could to swallow the loss.
My throat was closing in; I couldn’t breathe out one last turn back over my shoulder.

My eyes glazed over as my heart filled with tears. I never thought I’d bear witness
to my first, my last  and my final goodbye.

Written by Corrina Leblond
November 21st/2014

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