Daily Affirmation

I believe in myself and have faith that I am following my personal journey .


Love This!

Daily Affirmation

I am motivated and well nourished for the day.

Fitbit- Week 1 down- what have I’ve learned….


Well here I am. I’m now at the end of week 1 having used my recently purchased Fitbit Charge HR for the past seven days.

My first goal was to challenge myself to meet 10,000 steps a day.
So before I go any further with my personal review I wanted to display my stats for the week…ta daaaaa!!!

Weekly Totals
• 89,566 steps
• 225 floors
• 62.21 kl

Now with those awesome stats there is no way in the world I could feel anything but proud!


What amazing piece of wisdom can I share from my experience?…hmmm…well the first thing I learned is that I walk a lot more that I thought I did in a day, in general that is. In fact many days I have far exceeded the goal that I had set (who woulda guessed that?)

Prior to using this device I had no idea that I had such a busy step day. I’m not saying I would’ve reached my new set daily set goals without the Fitbit motivating me, especially the cost related motivation, but truth is I have never really had such an accurate pedometer reading before, never, and I’ve owned a few pedometers. As a reflection I now feel this knowledge itself is empowering!

Biggest question ??? Did the Fitbit motivate me? Hell yeah!

And not just the device, but the whole package that comes as part of the experience in owing a fitbit, aka the membership site, the friends support, menus, badges, motivating prompts and so much more. When I bought it I really didn’t know much except I had to have one.
I love the feeling of being able to be in control. This simple knowing of really getting a true picture of my health seemed to be just out of my reach before my #Fitbit purchase.

This knowing equates to the new found knowledge and power of self discovery that is only a result of the fitbit package, as you can trust me when I say I could write my own book about whats out there as I may very well have tried most, if not all methods and products that are suppose to inspire or work to keep you motivated to exercise and eat right.

The online #Fitbit tools allowed me to enter in my caloric intake so I could truly track how much food I still needed to eat for the day, or not eat.

Of course you may think its simple to know what to eat if you are healthy, but that not always the case if you totally blow out your metabolism from yo yo dieting as I have.


Truth is I often under-eat which ultimately causes my body to store fat as a stress response to a message that I’m in starvation mode.

The online tools coupled with the constant calculations of the steps I take resulting in burned calories is the quintessential key to understanding what my person, my body, my very own specific needs are in terms of what I have to do to get to where I need to be in my health.

Im excited for week 2

Maybe I’ll even set a new goal soon..I’ll check back at the beginning of week 3.

Woot Woot !

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Love This

Daily Affirmation

I am blessed and content with my friendships and opportunities to stay connected . 

Love This!

Daily Affirmation

I deserve to feel at peace and rested. 

My New Fitbit!

Fitbit Charge - Black, Small

Well I did it, I invested in my health(again) and this time I feel super awesome about staying motivated.

I purchased a FITBIT Charge HR last weekend and I have to say it has a lot to offer in terms of information, message boards, tracking, sleeping, I cant even tell you how much as I just got it a few days ago and I have much to explore.

I’ve been doing great with setting challenges prior to buying my #fitbitchargerhr as we recently have been caring for a friends dog since February( extendo pet sitting, great dog BTW, his name is Duke) which of course left me ( and my family)no choice but to gain some good walking habits every day( except my recent short recovery after a slip on ice which re-injured my left ankle two weeks ago, ouch! Dog didn’t even help me back up, ugh!)

Despite my wish to not break my walking habits, I did have to take a small break and gave my ankle a rest last week cause the swelling and pain became unbearable, which was just not helping my overall intention of “staying motivated”.

Rested, I finally decided to buy a #fitbitcharge last Saturday

(insert loud applause here  ).

I say bought lightly as my credit card will likely disagree with that analogy. However I am fine with the affirmation that


So I plan to write about my trials and tribulations and hope that this new device will inspire , motivate and intrigue me longer than the normal 2-3 months will usually ends with me fizzling off the health wagon wishing I hadn’t months later when I feel like a bag of poop again.

I noticed yesterday when I charged my #fitbit , when I unplugged it a cute little message “HUG ME” displayed on the screen. HOW ADORABLE!!!! I’m totally in Love

Weekly Totals ( Since Saturday March 21,2015)

  • 63,969 steps
  • 44.39 km

So far this week!  (can you believe that) !

My Dax

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I love this guy so much, I’m afraid he is near his end days as he is now approx in his 22-23rd year and has a large tumor which has begun to grow rapidly. He beginning to show the signs of getting very tired. As he winds down I want the world to know how much we love him.

He has been in our life for 13 years and in my brother’s life before us for 5 years. He was adopted from the local animal shelter with his amazing brother Max ( both were guessed to be in their 4th -5th year) . They have blessed our lives with so much love from the day they joined our family, the BEST friends ever!


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