Love This!



Daily Affirmation

I only absorb and attract positive energies in my space and in my body.

Daily Affirmation

I am readjusting my goals so that my accomplishments are attainable and manageable.  

Daily Affirmation

I am aware of my blessings and see only good as I journey through life.

Confessions of a Wayward Vegan~


So again I lean into myself and ask ever so gently “can I now brand myself as a Vegan or am I still just a vegan hopeful? 

Perhaps it’s still too early to know?  

I’m pretty sure this is the start of week 5 in my vegan lifestyle and to be totally honest I did have two slips up initally.

Even though it’s been my intention for the past 4 weeks to give up what I still sometimes refer to as heavenly dairy (sadly admitting to cheese being my one true vice); it appears as each day slides past I am getting closer to being that true vegan that whispers the hard truth each time my mouth waters when  my nose calls me to see that pizza, cheese puff, cheese square, gouda, cheddar, cream cheese, greek yogurt (oh the list is too long) that my former ovo lacto vegetarian relished in consuming.

However as long as that  dairy list is….and as loud as those  products scream EAT ME … I know I am resisting as best I can and getting stronger and stronger every day with less and less cravings.

The bigger my heart gets when I look inwards at how happy I am to not hurt those innocent animals that have just as much right to live a pain free life as us humans do, the readier I feel to confess it’s not as hard as I thought it would be to leave the cruelty of dairy consumption behind.

The first oops was in that first difficult week when I was faced with nightmarish cravings, withdrawals and a temptation that proved too difficult to resist, especially after those two glasses of wine.

The devil came in the form of a homemade pizza that soon bubbled and sizzled with cheese and veggies made by one of my closest, dearest friends; who is also one of the best cooks Ive ever known.

Having announced my vegan intention she was so sweet offering to not add cheese, even though her puzzled face was of shock and disbelief. I thought I could resist but just before that homemade piece of heaven went into the oven as she fingered the mozzarella and parmesan every cell of me screamed “ADD THE CHEESE” as I lost all control and will power! She obidged!

Damn that pizza was good, and so far its been my last.

I know I’d like to blame the wine on my lack of will power that night but the truth is I just did not want to say no, maybe even couldn’t that evening, it was all so new.

Thinking back those first few days my cheese addiction cravings were stronger than my quitting smoking cravings, cause at least when I quit smoking … I had cheese ( my #1 comfort food).

The next weekend I again had another slip, the story was a similar one….girlfriend over, wine was involved …a cheese ball that again..won me over. This time again the cheese was very good however it did not ignite that “da da da dummmmm” feeling for me as my last cheese indulgence did.

I think this was when I realized that my cravings would eventually go away, perhaps forever.  I mean I had conquered the milk drinking issue over a year ago when my horrified family heard me announce NO MORE COW’S MILK!!!  A quick switch to almond milk did the trick while our family still occasionally clung to half & half cream for coffee as I went on telling myself  “well we are still not drinking milk” , a lie…kinda sorta.

It was not so difficult to release the other dairy & egg items such as butter, cream, mayo, the occasional omlet. I even found an amazing Veganise Mayo that is to die for, at least that’s how I felt when I tasted it. 

It seems that cheese is/was to be my greatest challenge ever!

I think what happened next was also supposed to happen on my trail of life to further encourage me on my vegan path; it was the documentary I watched about a week and half ago called “Earthlings”. Ouch, did that hurt to watch!

If you are brave enough with a heart of steel, go for it here’s the link.

There certainly is no sugar coating in this film. I cried a lot, through most of it really , some parts I could not even look at even though I did my best to look at their pain and bear witness to the horrid lives our livestock (some may say food supply) are forced to endure.

There was no way for me to go back to seeing a cheese pizza the same again. I’m cured from my contribution to the cruel world of animal consumption forever.

I hope.

Love this ! 

Daily Affirmation 

I am enjoying each moment that I  gifted with relaxion and free time with my family and friends 

Love this!

Daily Affirmation

My determination and willpower are stronger today than yesterday ! 

Love This!

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