Peace & Light

Peace; an ocean I know lies within me
With my permission that sea I’ll soon tame
The peace I seek it also seeks to free me
Faceless and distant we both long for the same

Joy; a glow in my heart that lights the darkness
I feel its warmth and love from time to time
Yet not lasting and sometimes pretentious
I know when I search I sometimes may find

Love: ah love keeps me smiling I love LOVE
So very blessed I’ve bounties to share
And love yes love keeps me safe and comforted
Sending my love out has brought me plenty to spare

Happiness; aligning all the stars along this universal highway
A balanced dash of so many measures just right
Yes the sea must be tamed with joy lighting the way
Till there’s only love in the darkness , peace and light.

Written by Corrina Leblond

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Love This!

I love this man! xxxx

Daily Affirmation

I am awakened with the knowledge of what I need to do to help me grow stronger and to create the life I dream off.

I Drift

With a gentle white noise

softly humming in my ear

Thoughts drift from my head to my toes…

I ground myself in my chair


Resentful thoughts unconsciously taunt

quiet moments I steal from the abyss

Floating on reckless desires and wants

flashing relics of my youth gone amiss



Darkness, quiet , colors and sounds

I feel myself lift from from my feet

peace, love , so much solitude found

where quiet souls and angels do meet



Wiggle my toes its now time to leave

No!  Ive only been here for awhile

thou its true I feel peace, love I achieved

 I drift back to my chair with a smile.


Written by Corrina Leblond

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Love This!


Daily Affirmation

I always get up when I fall down, its only a matter of decision and self determination.

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