Corrina Leblond – 5th Annual Steps to End Violence Against Women Walk


Hi everyone,

I walked this walk last year just to support the great cause, this year as a participant, I would love to be supported with a donation to met my small target, please dig in and consider how this social issue still needs so much attention, awareness and support.

Source: Corrina Leblond – 5th Annual Steps to End Violence Against Women Walk


Love This!


Daily Affirmation

I am open to receive positive energies and to increase happy moments in my day. 

Not Done Yet!

Looking back on my past memories

Some moments laden with regret

I’ve fallen down and got back up

Cause I knew I was not done yet


As a child I remember making mud cakes

Under nanny’s shed they dried to set

I would carve a piece of my flowered mud

And serve it on an imaginary baguette


I played along the oceans edge

with no fear or a single fret

Till I slipped on seaweed nearly drowning that day

But somehow I was not done yet


I wondered who I’d be without

Some ugly memories I wish I could  forget

so instead I painted new memories

Wind blowing..ahhh yes my red corvette


I always dreamed one day I’d be someone great

A doctor for lost and lonely pets

So I’ve rescued stray cats, some birds and rats

Yet somehow I know I’m not done yet


I was bullied when I was in high school

Those days I’d like to forget

With my head held low and nowhere to go

I felt life was a constant threat


I left home first chance that came along

I was stubborn, my mind was set

I escaped, I ran, a new life ahead

Yet more troubles soon I met


I got my first job and my first place came with cockroaches

I had a couch and a mattress at best

But I made my way not looking back

I was free my heart was set


I’ve paddled through some raging white waters

Floated down a river I’d rather forget

I’ve climbed hills and peered over mountain tops

I sang badly in a drunken duet


I’ve sampled too many cocktails yes sir

Passed out and woke in a cold sweat

I could have died indeed but came back to earth 

somehow I was still not done yet


I allowed my spending to get the better of me

yeah I got myself into debt, twice

I’ve given birth to my beautiful children thank God

And no I’m not done yet, this life will suffice


I’ve gone to college at an old(er) age

Some of those papers I’d sure like to forget

I’ve begged for A’s yet gotta a losey B+

And I knew I was not done yet


I’ve fallen in love more than once or twice

Even time swearing this time would be the best

Yet each time my love met with challenges

And I knew I was not done yet.


I know I’ve many wounds and scars

My life not over yet

as each time I fall I just get back up

As I know Im not done yet.

There’s no way I’m done life yet.


Written : Corrina Leblond

June 28/16

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Love This!


Daily Affirmation

I am my strongest advocate and the best giver of hopefulness and success for my conscience and unconscious health. 

Love This~

Daily Affirmation

I can and I will …


write more 🙂

Love This!

Daily Affirmation

I am grateful to be surrounded by inspiration and support each second of my day.

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