Eyes Reflecting


Quick glance back and there I saw you

gazing eyes piercing my soul

rimmed red , exhausted and tired

holding many stories never once told


I stood there I paused and I wondered

if those specs really suited your face

your eyes I can see yet they seem far away

those glasses too big, outta place


The calmness of your soft lined smile

housing the love you gave though the years

have also held all the pain and lessons you gained

 hidden lines to shroud secret tears


I kept staring as I remembered my childhood

Mommy who do I look like the most

you always shrugged and said girl I just simply don’t know

but now my eyes reflect your warm ghost


Staring back from my new pink rimmed covers

I see the eyes I have loved for so long

Same eyes in a different reflection

Letting me know you’ve been here all along


Written by Corrina Leblond

Image : Broken Reflection Of Me…. in Sketching by Rishabh Sharma



Love This

Still missing my boy Dax xo


 I knew your type, tall, proud, and handsome

Extorting love from any eye that looked your way

You were clearly strong, an alpha male

I was visiting yet, I wondered if I should stay

dax 1

My how quick I soon seen your stubborn side

Your home had many chairs for guests

Yet as I moved to sit down quietly

I learned that chair was yours… as were all the rest!


You didn’t seem to mind so much

In fact you insisted that we share

As long as I would praise your name

And massage my hands throughout your hair


When I heard you needed a place to stay

Having just lost my love of years

I didn’t think I had the room

To love or even care

 dax playing

I hesitantly agreed to help

I wasn’t sure how this would go

Right now I didn’t know you well

I hoped our friendship would grow

 me dax ribbon

The day you moved your stuff all in

Still not sure how this would work

You showed up bringing your family in

Your brother who began to lurk

max dax


I thought wow, I’m nuts, just look at those two

So handsome yes they know

As they chose their separate rooms to sleep

I wondered how this would go


Before I knew true love set in

No one ever loving my family more

These two have offered all their love

Unconditional from the day they blessed my door

 dax flowers

Today one love was heaven called

God called you home to stay

You stayed as long as your body could

And for our love you hide your pain


It was so hard to say good bye to you

As we never felt pain like this before

You love was all we could ever need

And if possible so much more


Big guy you know how much we loved you

I know your pain is now gone away

Please keep your spirit close to us

Until we meet again one day

sleepy face dax

DAX 1992- 2015

You are so loved and missed!

Missing my boy Dax

My Dax

Embedded image permalink

I love this guy so much, I’m afraid he is near his end days as he is now approx in his 22-23rd year and has a large tumor which has begun to grow rapidly. He beginning to show the signs of getting very tired. As he winds down I want the world to know how much we love him.

He has been in our life for 13 years and in my brother’s life before us for 5 years. He was adopted from the local animal shelter with his amazing brother Max ( both were guessed to be in their 4th -5th year) . They have blessed our lives with so much love from the day they joined our family, the BEST friends ever!


Life Long- A Love Sonnet

In the beginning I ached for your love

As your words hummed notes of every love song

In sleep or wake you were all I think of

Till my heart did beat this love is life long


Young love comfort sought just a loving glance

Where many years before love, wept in grief  

Now you curled sleeping, oh such true romance

Less you hog the blankets from me in sleep


To look back at the years Ill not regret

Nor wish my life has been not this same way

For the years of my want will not offset

The gift of years I now have in gold weight


As you and I bond our love holds so true

For not one day have I stopped loving you.


Written by: Corrina Leblond

Picture : https://twitter.com/lovequotes

Cupids Bow- A love Sonnet

One pierce from loves’ arrow sent my heart high

dear Cupid cast a gift from his red bow

weightless soaring through God’s lonely blue sky

Laced with bounties of love he would bestow


On that day we first met true love did soar

I pinched my own arm to startle my sleep

Then wondered if this new love would soon bore

yet love grew rich I fell deeper than deep


I knew that your love must be heaven sent

As I prayed to meet true love such as thou

Your love a bright spark of God He so lent

Just when I needed your love then and now


My faith restored in loves quest I believe

As Cupid struck hard that midsummer’s eve.

Written by : Corrina Leblond

Picture : Cupid’s Crash www.newrepublic.com

My Love & I ( 2007-till eternity) 

me 7 him

Ode to Love?

Loneliness her fate, sad songs fill her day
All she hopes for is sunshine in warm spring
Tears stream black, fast flowing paths of dismay
Crumbled notes turn to dust as her heart sings

Such darkness gloom that haunts her every morn
Those childhood stories a princess, a prince
Down on bent knee, pure love flowing no scorn
She sits and sighs in jaded reminiscence

Fairy-tales deceive, no love has she found
No prince on bent knee, true loves such a myth
Such lies we believe, jewels, love and a crown
I’m sick! Hear me scream! Now bring him forthwith!

Dancing underneath a moonlit bright sky
Pure love now found soft kitty and I.

Written by Corrina Leblond

Picture by : Kitty Love by TynahC ..

Trying to capture that frustration of the young girl inside me that cursed every fairy tale for misrepresenting love and my expectations that one day a prince would appear….

Hungry Whiskers

His image fades as she frantically beckons to him
Behind her fluttering eyes, she lay asleep in a dream
The world alive in a place never seen
As hungry whiskers nudge her lazy eyes awake
Its dinnertime somewhere, please fill my plate.

Written by Corrina Leblond

42 Words

Day in the Sun


I dreamed you last night
your smile as bright as the sun
ocean waves crashed playfully along the ragged rocks
as you skipped and hopped along the oceans edge, carefree

I experienced you last night
as though time had not erased the absence of your light
your voice sang out in laughter as we ran down the flatrock
hand in hand as real as my hand in my own, you were there with me

I felt the peace from your spirit last night
a weathered message in a bottle that washed upon shore

not a second to late as heavens time does not count  years or tears

As now you are here with me once more

Looking back all these years I spent seeking
for a place I could find my loved ones
I’m wondering now if all this time you were just waiting
to show me this carefree place in the sun.

Written by Corrina Leblond
Dec 6th/2014

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