Joy to the World

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Winter’s glory dampened with curses of slippery streets

Santa vs Jesus; pushing to spend & buy

Gobbling up those delicious Christmas treats

who should we to turn to for wishes of hope and joy?


Good tidings & reflection of the year gone past

The world around us scurries from war torn streets

They’ve nowhere to hide, nor can they run fast

Will Santa help those who do not have a tree?


My feet warmed by the heat of my furnace oil

Cold shivers not from frost but from images of loss

As my heart trembles at the world’s turmoil

Which cannot be fixed by our Santa Claus?


The season is such that love gives us hope

 Though our world not perfect, we as people we cope

with all he madness and the joy this season does bring

Our hoped wrapped in colorful packages as

 Joy to the World we sing.

Written by Corrina Leblond Dec 21, 2016

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Autumn Fun

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Glowing wet leaves glisten

in the light of the full bright moon

Darkness falling purposeful

unforgiving and too soon


Wind softly whistles

through windowpanes and cracks

warning of the colder nights

when unsympathetic winter will attack


Memorized by natures colors

squirrels begging for one bite

nuts stored beneath once warm soft soil

stored safe for the winter fight


Bundling up for evening walks

gloves, mitts and hat

cozy and warm beneath my cloths

I welcome the season back


Mesmerized by natures beauty

your time to shine has come

I ask that you please be kind

as I enjoy this autumn fun


Written by : Corrina Leblond

Image by :  Beautiful Nature Fall – wallpaper

Eyes Reflecting


Quick glance back and there I saw you

gazing eyes piercing my soul

rimmed red , exhausted and tired

holding many stories never once told


I stood there I paused and I wondered

if those specs really suited your face

your eyes I can see yet they seem far away

those glasses too big, outta place


The calmness of your soft lined smile

housing the love you gave though the years

have also held all the pain and lessons you gained

 hidden lines to shroud secret tears


I kept staring as I remembered my childhood

Mommy who do I look like the most

you always shrugged and said girl I just simply don’t know

but now my eyes reflect your warm ghost


Staring back from my new pink rimmed covers

I see the eyes I have loved for so long

Same eyes in a different reflection

Letting me know you’ve been here all along


Written by Corrina Leblond

Image : Broken Reflection Of Me…. in Sketching by Rishabh Sharma


Not Done Yet!

Looking back on my past memories

Some moments laden with regret

I’ve fallen down and got back up

Cause I knew I was not done yet


As a child I remember making mud cakes

Under nanny’s shed they dried to set

I would carve a piece of my flowered mud

And serve it on an imaginary baguette


I played along the oceans edge

with no fear or a single fret

Till I slipped on seaweed nearly drowning that day

But somehow I was not done yet


I wondered who I’d be without

Some ugly memories I wish I could  forget

so instead I painted new memories

Wind blowing..ahhh yes my red corvette


I always dreamed one day I’d be someone great

A doctor for lost and lonely pets

So I’ve rescued stray cats, some birds and rats

Yet somehow I know I’m not done yet


I was bullied when I was in high school

Those days I’d like to forget

With my head held low and nowhere to go

I felt life was a constant threat


I left home first chance that came along

I was stubborn, my mind was set

I escaped, I ran, a new life ahead

Yet more troubles soon I met


I got my first job and my first place came with cockroaches

I had a couch and a mattress at best

But I made my way not looking back

I was free my heart was set


I’ve paddled through some raging white waters

Floated down a river I’d rather forget

I’ve climbed hills and peered over mountain tops

I sang badly in a drunken duet


I’ve sampled too many cocktails yes sir

Passed out and woke in a cold sweat

I could have died indeed but came back to earth 

somehow I was still not done yet


I allowed my spending to get the better of me

yeah I got myself into debt, twice

I’ve given birth to my beautiful children thank God

And no I’m not done yet, this life will suffice


I’ve gone to college at an old(er) age

Some of those papers I’d sure like to forget

I’ve begged for A’s yet gotta a losey B+

And I knew I was not done yet


I’ve fallen in love more than once or twice

Even time swearing this time would be the best

Yet each time my love met with challenges

And I knew I was not done yet.


I know I’ve many wounds and scars

My life not over yet

as each time I fall I just get back up

As I know Im not done yet.

There’s no way I’m done life yet.


Written : Corrina Leblond

June 28/16

image :






Oh Dandelion


Stock image of 'Green grass with yellow dandelions'

Inspired by your sunny contrast

Waving yellows on beds of green

 many swear and curse your name oh Dandelion

As you grow on lawns so free


 I admire how you grow so vast

One flower lending to next year’s growth

Standing tall and proud by every blade of grass

in despite of the many roars and loath


A survivor one may call you

One that won’t go down without a fight

They may pluck you out and stomp you down

But your seeds have a lot of might


One family member can fill a field

When your seeds are ready to blow

just a gentle breath from one child’s wish

an all your seeds leap to the earth to sow


Yellow dandelion I adore you

Your flower, your wine and your seed

For you’ve made a wish or two of mine come true

To me you have beauty  and you are more than a lawn weed.

Written by : Corrina Leblond

Image by:

Spring Confusion


She sweetly smiles 

mischief in her eyes as she

drizzles snow lightly, once again with a sigh


The world confused mixed seasons wavering

as this year spring has yielded more winter

than winter itself declared, wacky temperatures staggering


Enchanting beauty of white diamond virgin ice

blanketing the earth expelled in one crisp breath

such unintentional confusion from nature, yet we suffice


Weathered beaks and brows seek refuge from this delusion

Spring Robins pluck through newly fallen snow hungry

and discontent with Mother’s confusion


yet there is hope


         Spring follows winter

                          as surely as winter springs after fall


                             Sometimes spring maybe be late and sometimes

                                                                    we don’t even see her at all.



Written / Image by : Corrina Leblond


Young Soul

Wearied from your internal energy
I am emptied of the fuel needed to move forward
I lay down for just a second and close my eyes
as I hope new breath with awaken me with new life

Dancing madmen fill the stage behind closed eyes
tearing up the dance floor with their flips and slides as
hearts and throbbing veins pulse with electric energy
begging me to awake and regain

unconsciousness unawareness of kneading paws
purrs vibrating beneath muffled kitten lips as you hook
me awake with no intention just pure love
seeking warmth and soft place to cuddle into

go, go, go you scream as
you force me up and I stare at my reflection with
darkened eyes swollen with heaviness and understanding

smiling back I see the young soul in me
pushing to stay alive and run free.

Written by : Corrina Leblond



As my heavy eyes stretched open
I suddenly realized, I was not alone
You were there with me again, unwelcome with your heaviness and sorrow
stirring around once more in the depths of my brain, uninvited.

The acute pain you cause me
has seemed relentless this past year
as you stumble around in my dreams, sleepless I awaken
to curtains drawn as the thankless sunlight frowns forsaken.

I wondered in my drowsy state
If the curse was in the chocolate
or perhaps it was that one glass of wine which betrayed me
as I fell back in harm’s way while you laid in wait, veiled I could not see.

I long to have you out of my life
You do not define me yet you try
so very hard to keep me under your curse, weakening my very essence
with your intense pain , lashing out with your ever ready presence.

I am more than you
you may steal a day of my life
here and there as you savagely twist my hours into tragedy
only to see jagged lines of sorrow drawing out my agony.

But I am more than you
You cannot define me with your promise of pain
Or your lifetime of shadows cast from family with the same
No this girl, will not let you win even if you are dangerous and inflamed
I am more than you.

Written by : Corrina Leblond

Mother’s Promise

The house had never embraced such silence
as for years the walls bubbled with sound and floors pounded with promise
now I sit quietly listening and questioning if I could hear a pin drop

Babies tossed in the air as my heart flipped in fear he would drop
and the damage irreparable , so distant of my wombs promise
to never let them him hurt and to cradle him protectively to sleepy silence

Oh if the years had not passed so fast I’m sure I could have kept every promise
to take care of you forever and to lift you so high that you never would drop
so far in your motivation that your room was nothing more than low a frequency buzz of silence

Resenting silence; I wonder if I failed with my promise to be there and to lift you up so high that you never, ever drop?

Wriiten by: Corrina Leblond
Image by:


Lost in thoughts
my mind’s eye was clouded
till an intervention from heaven above
as you swooped in delight
gliding in flight
in shock and wonder , a beautiful white dove

I know somehow
in this very small moment
your flight on earth perhaps only for me
with your parted white wings and a silent hello
your light shone and you flew bold and free

In a just a moment
I was left but to wonder
white doves must be rare in the fall
I rubbed both of my eyes
I looked to the skies
you were gone I seen nothing at all

Perhaps a gesture from someone who’s watching
An answer to guide my hearts discontent
Just a dove from above, a message of love
As I witnessed firsthand, love heaven sent.

Written by: Corrina Leblond


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