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Soft lines on my face carving deeper, I age

A tale of my years as I stare blank and dismayed

Eyes alive and expressive, so much youth held within
Yet the softness and creases scream my years when I grin

Bones that do creak, maybe now just a little
Tells a story of how these great bones will soon brittle

Memories of past years,  I haven’t lived life to the fullest
I have a yearning it screams loud “go travel, be a tourist.”

I scream STOP please relax, take a breath, 1, 2, 3
Who am I kidding I’ve plenty of good years still in me

I gaze up and afar as I look past the night stars
yes this life may be short but I can still take it far

My eyes may be dim and my hair soon will silver
But there’s no way I’ll leave this life as a quiver

I’ll grab all and explore , as much as I can
Ill mediate, Ill dance, Ill sing loud with the band

Ill caress all my lines and my creaking old bones
Yes my life always full, I am never alone

I have love , great friends and natures skies of so blue
A strong loving heart and some quirkiness too

I’ll live life , yes I will
and then I will leave with a bang….

I know those lives I have touched
will surely whisper my name.

Written by: Corrina Leblond


Daily Affirmation

I greet each day with joy as I know life is not perfect however I still agree to accept it this way as I too am imperfect.

Love This!

Love This!

Love This !


Daily Affirmation

I attract other souls with light energy and similar vibratory awareness; I share light energy with those whose light is dimmed by life’s harshness.

Raging River of life


Numb despondency redundant
a raging river flows haphazardly
risking saneness
beneath a cloudless sky

Rugged scars superficial
as the underbelly of rocks
reach up clutching
camouflaging the true distress

Beneath the currents haste
gently redirecting the absoluteness of the moment
The rivers flow thick with irregularities
stimulating inconsistency

Rapids lead to waterfalls flowing

urgency meets with tranquility
uninterrupted, now serenity

overflow calmed

the rivers storm disengaged.

Written by : Corrina Leblond

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