Autumn Fun

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Glowing wet leaves glisten

in the light of the full bright moon

Darkness falling purposeful

unforgiving and too soon


Wind softly whistles

through windowpanes and cracks

warning of the colder nights

when unsympathetic winter will attack


Memorized by natures colors

squirrels begging for one bite

nuts stored beneath once warm soft soil

stored safe for the winter fight


Bundling up for evening walks

gloves, mitts and hat

cozy and warm beneath my cloths

I welcome the season back


Mesmerized by natures beauty

your time to shine has come

I ask that you please be kind

as I enjoy this autumn fun


Written by : Corrina Leblond

Image by :  Beautiful Nature Fall – wallpaper


Oh Dandelion


Stock image of 'Green grass with yellow dandelions'

Inspired by your sunny contrast

Waving yellows on beds of green

 many swear and curse your name oh Dandelion

As you grow on lawns so free


 I admire how you grow so vast

One flower lending to next year’s growth

Standing tall and proud by every blade of grass

in despite of the many roars and loath


A survivor one may call you

One that won’t go down without a fight

They may pluck you out and stomp you down

But your seeds have a lot of might


One family member can fill a field

When your seeds are ready to blow

just a gentle breath from one child’s wish

an all your seeds leap to the earth to sow


Yellow dandelion I adore you

Your flower, your wine and your seed

For you’ve made a wish or two of mine come true

To me you have beauty  and you are more than a lawn weed.

Written by : Corrina Leblond

Image by:


Lost in thoughts
my mind’s eye was clouded
till an intervention from heaven above
as you swooped in delight
gliding in flight
in shock and wonder , a beautiful white dove

I know somehow
in this very small moment
your flight on earth perhaps only for me
with your parted white wings and a silent hello
your light shone and you flew bold and free

In a just a moment
I was left but to wonder
white doves must be rare in the fall
I rubbed both of my eyes
I looked to the skies
you were gone I seen nothing at all

Perhaps a gesture from someone who’s watching
An answer to guide my hearts discontent
Just a dove from above, a message of love
As I witnessed firsthand, love heaven sent.

Written by: Corrina Leblond


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