Autumn Fun

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Glowing wet leaves glisten

in the light of the full bright moon

Darkness falling purposeful

unforgiving and too soon


Wind softly whistles

through windowpanes and cracks

warning of the colder nights

when unsympathetic winter will attack


Memorized by natures colors

squirrels begging for one bite

nuts stored beneath once warm soft soil

stored safe for the winter fight


Bundling up for evening walks

gloves, mitts and hat

cozy and warm beneath my cloths

I welcome the season back


Mesmerized by natures beauty

your time to shine has come

I ask that you please be kind

as I enjoy this autumn fun


Written by : Corrina Leblond

Image by :  Beautiful Nature Fall – wallpaper


Spring Confusion


She sweetly smiles 

mischief in her eyes as she

drizzles snow lightly, once again with a sigh


The world confused mixed seasons wavering

as this year spring has yielded more winter

than winter itself declared, wacky temperatures staggering


Enchanting beauty of white diamond virgin ice

blanketing the earth expelled in one crisp breath

such unintentional confusion from nature, yet we suffice


Weathered beaks and brows seek refuge from this delusion

Spring Robins pluck through newly fallen snow hungry

and discontent with Mother’s confusion


yet there is hope


         Spring follows winter

                          as surely as winter springs after fall


                             Sometimes spring maybe be late and sometimes

                                                                    we don’t even see her at all.



Written / Image by : Corrina Leblond


Love This!

Gifts of Nature

 The epitome of our vision

Oh breeze oh breeze upon my face your breath so soft and free

My body yearns to feel thou breath which blows so warm on me

Oh breeze oh breeze with birds you fly as you lift them far and wide

A thousand feathers gently flock to you begging for a ride


Oh sun oh sun such glorious rays as you shine on flowers in bloom

All life does ask for your warming glow to save them from sure doom

Oh sun oh sun your hot healing fire makes the darkness go away

Each hour that you share your love, grey shadows never stay  


Oh crystal waters fast and flowing over each mountains peak so clean

You quench my body and my soul nourishing every cell pristine

Oh crystal waters your precious drops quenching all life on this earth

Your raging essence and your awesomeness supports energy, life and birth  


Oh earth oh earth under my body you heal as you energize me with your touch

When I lay upon your blanket green you fill my heart and soul with much 

Oh earth oh earth my mother dear I thank you for holding me here

Without your love and your greatest force my spirit would fly up in the air


Each one of you does strengthen me and hold my mortal frame 

As I enter one life from another I find your fire, wind and rain.


Written by : Corrina Leblond

image by:


Love This!

Daily Affirmation

I appreciate the sun, the wind , the earth and the rain as I tune in my natural energies to cleanse all toxicity in my mind and body.

Haiku- Spring Time Promises

Thin ice fades away

Worms begin to stir beneath

Sprouted grass tickles ant’s toes

Fingerprints on glass

A blue jays nest on my eve

Babies sing its spring

Muck squash rubber boots

Rain sprinkles from heaven’s gate

Rainbows glow full bloom

Scent of white violets

Innocence blooms, babies smile

Sand grows in socks and shoes

Ah yes summer’s sun

Convertibles screech down roads

Trees awake leafless

Written by : Corrina Leblond

Picture by : Corrina Leblond

Daily Affirmation

Connecting and grounding provide me with earth energy and balance all day

Strangers visit


They whispered as she settled
Who Is she ? why is she here?
The fallen tree transformed for her
Still strong her weight it bared

Rustle of leaves while branches swayed softly
Filtered sunshine sprayed all about
They waited in silence nibbling on tree bark
No one dared to shout

Then mistakenly the cardinal
Forgot as she sang her happy song
Scattered chipmunks ran for cover
Scared that something would go wrong

As all waited in dead silence
what on earth will happen now
The stranger smiled and closed her eyes
As she embraced the latest sound

Calmness swept across the crowd
No one spoke but everyone knew
This stranger comes in peace and love
To enjoy natures beauty too

Written by~ Corrina Leblond
June 21/2014

Welcome from Nature


Welcome guests and company
My home I’ll share with thee
I’ve prepared my house with comfort
A chair, a bench , a tree

My children are all playing
Please treat them kind and sweet
When you step upon my earthly floor
I’ll embrace your tired feet

There’s plenty to see and do here
Yet so many work away
The bees collect sweet nectar
From colourful offerings all day

A choir shall accompany you
To soothe away your worry
A song from scarlet cardinal
Singing no need to rush or hurry

The bullfrog chimed in the backdrop
Ants shared their log for awhile
My spirit connected with this home
My heart began to smile

As I breathed in this nature
I knew I could now never be alone
As I embraced the love of my new found friends
Forever welcomed in their home

Written by: Corrina Leblond

June 21/2014


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